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About PKP:

In this section in maximum volume and form(for understanding) described public information about PKP, for to demonstrate the basic principles and objectives which are dictated by the need to provide personal and/or collective security.

1. About Project

Private Key Project - the theme of network and information security, the principles of which is a generalization of the use and introduction of convenient services and tools necessary for the analysis and evaluation of a remote computer on the Internet, it is worth noting that the major focus of studies and by developing additional tools and services is the protection of private information and work ensuring network security web servers and their applications.

2. Project topicality

With the development of the World Wide Internet also develops serious threats to the growth of the disclosure of personal data that may cause vulnerability assumptions is a developer of software, poorly protected data channels, the human factor, global data collection system Echelon, PRISM, COPM. Impossible to eliminate all kinds of threats to information security reasons but perhaps to warn the threat and to find ways to solve it, with all this, it becomes obvious the urgency of solving the problems of network security that is possible to detect and from which you can protect yourself by using tools and services Private Key Project.

3. Target of the project

Creation of a centralized platform with a set of tools and services provide the solution of problems of network and information security, development and implementation of new solutions in use for identification of the weaknesses of the system, ensuring anonymity and personal information protection.

4. Fundamentals of the unified software and hardware platform

The basis of the project developed by the PKP single platform technology lay public key infrastructure (Public Key Infrastructure, PKI), used to solve cryptographic tasks. When creating the architecture used Simple PKI - c single certifying center. PKI-funds allow for three basic preconditions of information security. The first - the preservation of data. Information should not be damaged as a result of random errors and system errors or when an unauthorized modification or destruction of data. Second - the confidentiality of the data. The information has the status of a personal, official, secret, should be protected from access by third parties - breaking system, the interception of data in transmission through communication channels, or work with it in remote mode. Third - the availability of the owner (authorized users). An authorized user must be able, without unnecessary problems identified in the resource server, a database, and perform the necessary actions with the information. Additionally necessary to monitor the activities of working with data and confirmation of the produced effects.

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