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Check the web-applications for errors and vulnerabilities

Scanner of errors and web application vulnerabilities (scanner sites)

The tool is designed for the detection of dangerous vulnerabilities (existing and potential) and functional errors in the web applications that run on the basis of the protocol HTTP/HTTPS. This allows time to resolve problems on remote hosts, preventing crashes. Check web applications can be written in any of the popular programming languages. The service is easy to use, the user does not require further action.

Detailed information about the open ports.

Port scanner

An indispensable tool for system administrators. The scanner is used to monitor the current state of open ports on remote hosts (websites) - data ports, remote management, mail protocols, DNS, and others. The administrator receives detailed information about the open ports and very-controlled Web site. There are several modes to scan the ports, based on the specified scan settings.

Reversing domains via hostname and ip

Reverse Domain Name on ip-address (ip-reverse)

Tool get a list of domains and subdomains names linked to the specified IP-address. Produced reversible transformation of a particular IP-addresses in the appropriate DNS-name system (domains and subdomains). In addition, for each name found specified performance rating monitoring service Alexa, search indexes PR (Google) and TIC ("Yandex"), which requires SEO-masters and other professionals online promotion.

Getting a list of names of subdomains

Search subdomains (subdomain)

The tool is designed to search for subdomain names included in the zone of the main domain name of a higher level. Each subdomain may in turn have their own subdomains. Wildcard names are commonly used by organizations to selection of unique names of additional sites included in a single system. For example, it is necessary for sites of structural divisions of the company or individual services of the organization.

Get infromation about my system

WhoAmI-checker (tool "My IP")

The search service and verify the information on their own points system really defined IP-address of the user. Accordingly, when using VPN-service, proxy, anonymizer and other similar instruments is the external public IP. Also used are defined in the system web browser, operating system, geographical information (country, city, location) and detailed data communications provider.

Articles on security

Articles and instructions on information security

A selection of theoretical and practical material on information security, databases, personal and commercial user information you can find in the Internet and local networks, and offline. In addition, provides detailed guidelines and instructions for configuring and using the services of the company PKP, CGI proxies, encryption software in the storage and transmission of sensitive data, advice on the use of other means of information protection.

Reliable VPN-service provides anonymity and data protection in the network

Vpn-service (anonymity and data protection in the network)

VPN-server system company PKP provides the user with a protected communication channel bypassing the main Internet. Using dual-VPN-connections (Double-VPN) allows you to change the apparent IP-address of the user to ensure anonymity and confidentiality of communication, and solutions based on OpenSSL (cryptographic protocol) provide reliable data encryption at every stage of the transfer of information from server to server.

Network application layer protocol based on TCP (Port 43). The main application - obtaining the registration of ownership of domain names, IP-addresses and autonomous systems.

WhoIs-checker (tool "Who is the owner")

This tool is for getting complete statistical calculations of the registered domain name or IP-address - free domain, or busy, start and end dates of registration, status (locked, put up for sale) used by DNS-resources. Are also given information about the owner of the domain (its registration data). As a source service uses public (open) database domain registrars and IP-addresses.

Encrypting ip telephony-based crypto package Openssl, XMPP/Jabber service from PKP

Protected IP-telephony (VoIP-crypt, XMPP / Jabber-service)

Service encrypted communication VoIP-crypt is based on the universal VoIP-application open source, modified by experts PKP. One of its features - the inability to disable encryption options (for maximum security). XMPP / Jabber-service allows users to share text, audio and video files, as well as the transmission of voice c confidence in complete privacy.

Data protection

PKP Root Certificate Authority

Reliability and Quality

From People for People

  • Competent prioritization
  • Respectful attitude to the private
  • Proper assessment of the values
  • The fundamental nature of the general idea
  • Strength and hardness
  • Full independence
  • Real look at things
  • Meaningfulness present

Benefits of PKP mechanisms:

  • Stability and efficiency

    With the development of these mechanisms and how they may be taken as the basic concepts of database 'Stability and efficiency', with mandatory considered old and more experience points that can be connected with the implementation of mechanisms conceived.

  • Concept of design

    The concept of development of these mechanisms tightly tied to the validity and is based on the fundamental idea of the project, coupled with the standards and relevant technical documents 'Internet Engineering Task Force'.

  • Demand and relevance

    Without doubt the two most important factors when looking for ideas mechanism is 'Demand and relevance', as it is known in the world has everything you need to man but only to the point until there was a new discovery and the relevance of the old familiar things disappearing.

  • Attachments and Debugging

    Equipment mechanisms plays a crucial role in their development and refinement so we do not regret not non-time effort perfecting our mechanisms to Idle, debugging and testing process takes more time and effort than the actual construction of the mechanism.

Value services of PKP:

  • Resiliency and high% uptime

    Technical characteristics of our services remain intact after failure of one or more composite components included in the general mechanics of the service. As of 2013 server uptime is 99.9%

  • Reliability and security

    Before commissioning, all new services are in-depth tests on vulnerability and stability performance, the development and refinement of service mechanisms are taken into account all the possible acceptable operating conditions.

  • Ease of use

    In drawing up the technical specifications of all elements of the project development a key focus is ease of use and intuitive control properties. Well as a large number of usly spent on style combined aesthetics.

  • Sensitivity to the needs of users

    Project management pays great attention to appropriate requests and customer feedback and implements their needs as much as possible. Reputation Highest World project value in design philosophy. Ideals of our project are formed by means of experience failures and errors.

Tools Gold
  • Vpn-service [double-vpn]
  • Scanner errors              
  • Reverse domains
Tools Silver
  • Articles on security
  • Voice-service[VoIP-crypt]
  • Check subdomains
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