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Port scanner

The tool "port scanner" - in-house development of Private Key Project, created for remote monitoring of IP-objects and united server systems. In the process of checking the status of open ports is used multiple scanning modes. More over, the check system can be based on GNU-technology UNIX / LINUX, and the commonly used technologies based on the decisions of Windows and MacOS.

How does a port scanner work

In most cases, the attacker attempting to access a particular level to your server uses the unprotected open ports on your host. How does he know them? He determines with the help of simple tools. Our tool is based on similar technology, but it deprived of the opportunity to connect to the risky ports - this is a test without access. Scanner of port vulnerability on request analyzes the status of the ports on your server, detects open and vulnerable logins can be used by an attacker.

Who needs a tool "port scanner"

Primarily, it is used by specialists in information security, as the multi-mode scan gives these professionals a relatively complete picture of what is happening on the distant approaches to the system - that is, data about the state of the port. However, many system administrators have among its tasks not only to maintain health systems, but also information security servers. This relatively simple-to-use scanner makes it possible to control access to the system and the current status of hosts.

Software Solutions

Scan tool for checking the status of the port development company PKP is based on a set of tools Nmap (Network mapper). This set of software solutions produces four types of audits, including through the search for all open ports on the host and by detecting open ports on a server controlled by members of your system. By the way, many malware- worms use similar to the algorithm, for countering which needs a port scanner.

Complex Nmap-scanning of can be checked in 4 modes:
Ping Scan - "pinging", checking of the availability of the server at the specified IP address or hostname.
Port Range - scanning of a certain number of ports. Total port 65535, to scan the user specifies a range of ports, for example: 5000-10000.
Top 75 mode - scan most common ports (25, 80, 443 and others).
Top 25 + full info - scanning of 25 major ports with the issuance of the complete information about the ports (the state, the service port version).
* In addition, the port scanner from PKP detects the operating system, which is controlled by the server, and the current status of the host.

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