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Reverse domains

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Reverse domains by IP-address

The tool of automatically reverse DNS-names developed by Private Key Project, returns to the user in exchange for a request to an IP-address all textual domain names corresponding to the requested IP. This way, you get a list of domains and subdomains, attachments to the requested IP, and the index data on major global network ratings - reference parameters Yandex (TCI) and Google (PR), the main indicator monitoring service Alexa.

How does reverse domains

During the existence of precursors Internet (university and military projects communication between computers), the name of each node is a combination of several numbers. IP-address. With the penetration of the Internet in everyday life, there was a need to provide these numbers in a user-letter form. DNS is a system of transfer of letter names entered by the user back to the numeric form (IP), at which the system searches the desired host. However, one address can link multiple letter domain names and subdomains. Reverse domains from the company PKP in response to the requested IP-address (the numerical value of the test host) gives a complete list of registered and detected on the request of domains and subdomains.

Who needs a tool "reverse domain"

For the proper conduct of the company is online promotion (primarily, SEO), internet marketing specialist needs to-date information on the status of the sites in the above ratings. For quick, one-time cut-off point on the main index domain and reverse domains required. In addition, you will need a list of domains to your IP-address and a specialist in information security and development to remedy the shortcomings. In particular, when sending corporate email perceived subdomains may be of the form "", which in most cases leads to automatically send email to spam.

Software Solutions

Often, the owner of a particular web site (server) on the same IP-address locates several domains of the second, third and subsequent levels. In particular, this applies to the owners of large sites or resources of large companies: subdomains or domains required for additional requests for certain additional services or regional structural divisions. Be careful: sometimes domains can bind to a single IP-address registrar of domain names. IP-reverse of everything related to you entered IP-address domain names, giving you an additional index data for each domain. Information on ranking is issued in accordance with the open database of the largest monitoring system Alexa, as well as search engine "Yandex" (TCI, thematic citation index) and Google (PR, PageRank).

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