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Tool for search subdomains

Search Tool subdomain names of Private Key Project is designed for fast, adequate and easily search all subdomains existing domain name of a higher level. Depending on the domain supplies a higher level may be in the form, Accordingly, subdomains have the form or

How does the search for subdomains work

To distinguish between the nodes of the international Internet network is used with the IP-address - every computer and every server that hosts the site has its own unique identifier. For everyday use, users are introduced into your browser text DNS-address corresponding to the numeric IP-address - the domain name. Large companies, Internet services or government agencies to allocate a separate site of the structural unit, type of service, etc. usually use subdomains (domain names of the third, fourth, fifth levels). Tool Search of subdomains of the company PKP allows you to get a complete list of subdomain names related to a specific domain of a higher level.

Who needs the tool "Search subdomains"

If the subdomain created to address the specific challenges to its DNS-records often for the convenience of third-party domains bind a higher level, setting up a redirect at this from your subdomain to this domain. Experts in information security are simply obliged to check for possible gaps in the network defense company regularly, especially if the company has an extensive network of Internet resources. Subdomains may belong to different departments or regional offices of the company, responsible for the different services of the company. Branches and services are subject to change or be eliminated by management. Therefore, it is extremely important to regularly monitor your infrastructure to check the data on the presence of sub-domains and using the tool for owners of large domain systems. Search of subdomains (subdomain) of the company PKP. Search services required and those looking for any additional services company, is not indexed by search engines. In addition, the same mail server may require a complete list of DNS-records.

Software Solutions

At the first stage of testing is checked DNS-table entries, and adequate result is issued in about 30% of cases, depending on the settings. If that fails, check the table is automatically a detailed enumeration of commonly used subdomain names (file., Test., My.). It verifies the existence of a subdomain (NPP with the same name), because some DNS-settings on display to automatically redirect to the real address of the site with anyone, even non-existent subdomain.

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