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WhoIs-checker (tool "Who is the owner of the domain")

Private Key Project, designed to quickly and easily search for available official statistics on the domain (the registered domain name) or IP-address develops this tool. All public domain information is requested in the official public databases registrar of domain names, IP-addresses, as well as coordinators of domain zones.

How does WhoIs-checker work

When booking and registering the domain name owner of a resource required to specify certain information: name, physical persons registering the domain name (if the domain is registered as a corporate) contact details of the organization or physical persons (address, phone, e-mail) and so on. All this information is stored in public databases registrar or domain zone coordinator. Upon request by the tool "Who owns the domain" (WhoIs-checker) registrars to provide personal data of the owner, as well as additional information about the domain: the date of the booking start date and planned end of the registration, the current state of the domain name (busy, free, reserved, blocked) involved DNS-resources.

Who needs WhoIs-checker

Initially applied WhoIs-protocol created for the convenience of system administrators - it allowed to system administrators to search contacts administrators party sites by IP-address or the domain name. Today, in addition to system administrators WhoIs-service actively used by the owners of ready sites for data of their URL: many domain names or "abandoned" (have not used), or offered for sale. In some cases, the user needs contact details directly to the owner of a resource (its domain name).

Software Solutions

Public database of names and registrars of domain zones coordinators placed on open servers. To access them using a client-server solutions in practice - using a web form on our website for your convenience. Appeal to the server is made using an application WhoIs-protocol based on TCP - through an open port 43 / TCP. The operation of the protocol described in the specification RFC 3912. Most of the coordinators of regional and specialized domain zones (.ru, .org, etc.) store information centrally. They have their own database on all domain names, regardless of whether they have a registrar account. However, the largest domain zones (.com, .net), having too many domain names are distributed storage model. When referring to a central server WhoIs-user request is redirected to a specific registrar servers, where it is stored for the information about the domain. Our tool allows you to get information after redirection automatically, without requiring any additional action.

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