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WhoAmI-checker (tool "My IP", "My System")

The tool is designed for obtaining the registration (also possible to determine: whether the domain name is available, what DNS-servers delegated domain name registration date and the expiration date of the domain name registration) on the owner of the domain name at any level or ip-address, data acquisition occurs by means of a network application layer protocol that is based on the TCP port 43.

How does WhoAmI-checker work

IP-address of the user - a unique number identifier of the node on the local network or the Internet. It is denoted by a group of four digits from 0 to 255 each. In fact, IP-address is the name of your network - under this number you will recognize sites, forums and social networks. When connecting to a server of a particular web resource among other requests your computer sends this site full general information on the system configuration. This is necessary for proper interaction with the resource. Some of the transmitted data includes, in addition to the external IP-address, and the other relevant data about the operating system, browser, screen resolution, geographic location. In addition, the information is transferred from your ISP. All these data are displayed with the using of the tool "My IP".

Who needs WhoAmI-checker? (tool "My IP")

When working with a number of online resources, or in certain networks, your data (the same IP-address, system information, and sometimes the data cookies, JavaScrypt, Flash, etc.) can be recorded and then used for various purposes - including malicious. Tool "My IP", "My system" can be used for a complete check of the data that your system makes publicly available, and the extent of security of your information. This will reveal the strengths and weaknesses in terms of defense of your network node from intruders. When using different kinds of anonymizers, proxy or VPN-services WhoAmI-checker allows you to check the adequacy of the information perceived because of the resources that you do not want to share your data on your system.

Software Solutions

There are modern public channels of communication between nodes (Internet) maintains a uniform system of transmitting data packets due to the IP. Pinging data is done through a number of intermediate network nodes - routers. When you exit the network through the ISP connection is made through a router provider, and it is this IP-address perceived sites that you use. In most cases, this address is dynamic, that is used during the session, until the completion of the network connections. It is necessary to conserve the number of addresses format IPv4. Static addresses are only used if you need a persistent identifier - for example, your server where your site is placed.

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