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This section is intended for the publication of guidelines and articles on the topic of information security, as well as the safety of various spheres of human life. Unique articles and instructions published in this section are the intellectual property of Private Key Project.

1. Installing and configuring Mumble-client

The latest version of Mumble-client is available on the official website Mumble-application developers, also Mumble-client for Windows available here.

During the installation, you must select the type of installation as Mumble(client)

After a successful installation, when you first start Mumble-client will run the Audio Tuning Wizard to help identify the best options for sound processing. During the installation parameters will be offered a choice of input-output audio stream: Block 1 - input device (microphone) where select 1 - option echo cancellation (recommended enable); Block 2 - output device(speakers or headphones) where select 2 - option positional audio, select 3 - Attenuate applications while other users talk(recommended enable)

The next step is the sound settings will be offered to install exercise equipment outbound delay (the delay is recommended to leave unchanged)

The next step is to adjust the microphone volume for optimal volume settings, follow the prompts in the designation as Block 1

Next you must select Voice activity detection, it is recommended to select the activation button(for example as voice activation button is pressed F1)

This is followed by the installation of quality and notifications, it is recommended to leave these options unchanged and move to the next step

The next step is setting positional audio, it is recommended to skip this step by clicking the button below

After completing the setup wizard will start the sound settings certificates, this option is required for authentication on Murmur-server using a personal certificate, on Murmur-server from PKP(Private Key Project) use authorization by password, so it is advisable to close the configuration window certificates

2. Setting connect to Murmur-server PKP(Private Key Project)

In the process of registration in the PKP, will add a new account on Murmur-server Private Key Project. Setting connect to Murmur-server PKP you need to select from the menu "Mumble Server Connect", "Server"->"Connect"

In the window that opens, press the button "Add new..."

Further it is necessary to fill data for the new connection: title "Voip Crypt", address "", port "64738", Username(PKPID) which has been registered in the system PKP

Then press the button "Connect"

Then in the process of connection, you must enter the password that was used when logging in PKP, this password is automatically saved in Mumble-client and will be used for the next connections

After a successful connection to the server, the user will be in general Root-canal where he can create his private room for the organization of conferences, will also have the option of viewing information about the server

Server Information. In our case we can see that between the client and server is done crypto connection using AES256-SHA algorithm control channel and voice channel transmits it encrypted with OCB-AES128

3. Creating a private room with access by password

To add a new conference room, you must call the context menu in line Root and select Add

Next, you must give the name of the new conference room

After adding the conference room, you must add a password to access this room, it is necessary to change the creation of a conference room

Next, you need to install the correct password

After setting the password, send it to users you invite to the conference room, then these users need to add a password "Access Tokens"

After adding a password to a new conference room, the user can enter the room for secure communication. After a successful login, a password, you can enjoy secure communication!

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